Songs to learn Spanish

Top 10 song to learn Spanish

Want to learn Spanish with music? Then check out these 10 essential songs!

So, you’re learning Spanish, and you’re getting a bit bored with all those technical grammar rules and vocabulary lists!

How can you make learning Spanish fun again?

With some fun Spanish songs of course! Songs that will inspire you to keep learning.

Below is a list of the top 10 songs which will help you learn Spanish.

But first, here are some of the benefits of learning Spanish with music:

Why are these the top 10 songs for learning Spanish through music?

it’s because the lyrics are clear and not too difficult. They also have lots of repetition to help the Spanish phrases stick in.

So here they are, the top 10 songs to learn Spanish:

Suerte - Shakira

Suerte - Shakira Spanish and English lyrics

Colombia’s famous Shakira will make you feel suerte (lucky) with this catchy Spanish song. You may recognize it from the English version - Whenever, Wherever.

This song is full of the Spanish verb vivir (to live). You’ll also learn about life! (la vida).

📚 Fun Fact:
Shakira means ‘thankful’ in Arabic - now we can feel twice as lucky!!

💡 Top Tip:
Press ‘Pause’ and then ‘Slow’ the first few times you listen

En Qué Momento? - Moenia

En qué momento? - Moenia Spanish and English lyrics

This synth-pop song by Mexican band Moenia has very clear lyrics and will teach you useful present tense vocabulary.

This song is full of regret but strangely addictive – great for learning Spanish!

Also, listen out for the 8-bit background track at the start. Takes me right back to my childhood - Super Mario anyone? 🍄

Clavado en un Bar - Maná

Clavado en un Bar - Maná Spanish and English lyrics

Another Mexican band, Maná with a memorable Spanish tune. This time about drowning your sorrows in a bar!

These lyrics are perfect for when you’re feeling sorry for yourself!

📚 Fun Fact:
New Girl season 3, episode 11 is called 'Clavado en un Bar' and the song is played on the jukebox at the end of the episode.

Funky Fiesta - Rawayana feat. José Luis Pardo (Dj Afro)

Funky Fiesta - Rawayana feat. José Luis Pardo (Dj Afro) Spanish and English lyrics

It’s time to get funky with this hip Spanish song from Venezuelan band Rawayna featuring José Luis Pardo.

This song will teach you Spanish terms for dancing and moving your body.

You may just catch yourself singing along!

La Vuelta al Mundo – Calle 13

La Vuelta al Mundo – Calle 13 Spanish and English lyrics

If you’ve ever been bored of the 9 to 5 and dreamt about going la vuelta al mundo (around the world) then this is the Spanish song from Calle 13 is for you!

The music video depicts a couple of office workers who dream of escaping the daily routine.

This song will teach you a lot of useful day-to-day vocabulary, such as los libros (books), la oficina (office) and el avión (airplane).

📚 Fun Fact:
Calle 13 are stepbrothers and the band got its name from the street they used to live on.

Quiero – Malú

Quiero – Malú Spanish and English lyrics

Quiero or I want in English is the first Spanish verb I learned, and It’s come in VERY useful over the years!!

Malú, from Madrid in Spain sings about daring to pursue what we want and not giving up on your dreams.

If you follow along to the lyrics of this song then you’ll learn another very important verb – puedo, which means I can in English.

Un Par de Lugares - Café Tacvba

Un Par de Lugares - Café Tacvba Spanish and English lyrics

Get back to nature with this inspiring music video by Café Tacvba.

The happy melody will teach the times of day in Spanish – morning, midday, afternoon and night as well as lyrics that reference the sun and the moon. 🌙

📚 Fun Fact:
Café Tacvba get their name from Café de Tacuba - a coffee shop in Mexico City. However, they changed the U to a V to avoid copywrite issues!

Bastará – Los Cafres

Bastará – Los Cafres Spanish and English lyrics

Practice the Spanish future tense with this song by Los Cafres. Bastará or it will be enough in English is the future conjugation of the verb bastar - to be enough.

You’ll find yourself singing along to the laid back reggae vibes of this tune from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo

Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo Spanish and English lyrics

If you’re after something a bit more upbeat, then look no further than Internacionales by Colombian band Bomba Estéreo.

This Spanish song celebrates what it means to be Latin American in the modern world where borders and labels don’t need to divide people. One lyric that sums it up is You soy un ciudadano del mundoI am a citizen of the world.

Las Flores - Café Tacvba

Las Flores - Café Tacvba Spanish and English lyrics

Last but not least, here’s another great song for learning Spanish from Café Tacvba.

This lively song will teach you a lot of practical Spanish vocabulary, for example los sueños (dreams), los manos (hands), los ojos (eyes) and of course las flores (flowers).

Just one look at this video will bring a smile to your face!

That’s it, you’ve made it through the list of top 10 songs to learn Spanish.

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