How to learn Spanish with music

How to learn Spanish with music in 5 easy steps

What if I told you there was a fun, easy way to learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar - would you be interested?

Let’s face it, textbooks and dictionaries aren’t exactly motivating. However, most of us enjoy listening to music.

You may even be already using music to help you concentrate better when learning other subjects. And some studies prove that music can activate large areas of your brain, so you’ll be more receptive to a new language.

When it comes to learning Spanish, not all methods are created equal – just like not all learners are created equal. Some people are more visual, others learn by doing, but listening remains one of the most important factors in learning a language.

Traditional language learning methods like group lessons don’t suit everyone, but who wouldn’t want to listen to catchy Spanish songs?

Where can I find a selection of Spanish songs which are ideal for learning?

Glad you asked! Spanish Mix of course! 😀

We have a great selection of songs where you can easily follow along with the Spanish lyrics as well as the English translations.

If you’d like some inspiration check out these top 10 songs to learn Spanish.

5 Steps for learning Spanish with Music

Choose a song you like

There are plenty of options available here:

Listen a few times without following the lyrics

This will give you a feel for the song and allow you to get familiar with the melody and rhythm.

Follow along with the lyrics

The auto-scroll feature on Spanish Mix makes following along with the lyrics effortless.

💡 Top Tip:
Don't worry too much if there are some lyrics you don't fully understand yet - you will pick up a little more each time you listen.

Focus on specific words

Luckily, English translations are also included when you use Spanish Mix. This will help you give context to certain words and phrases.

💡 Top Tip:
Use the 'Slow' mode to really let the lyrics sink in. Simply pause any song and then click on the 'Slow' button.


Come back tomorrow, the day after, next week… You see where I’m going with this! 😉

Follow these steps and you’ll successfully pick up new Spanish vocabulary and grammar and be well on your way to becoming fluent.