Impress your date with Spanish lyrics

Impress your next date with these 4 Spanish lyrics

If you've ever been short of things to say on a date, try out these Spanish lyrics!

You may have already seen this list of awesome Spanish song lyrics. But just in case that wasn’t enough, here are some Spanish lyrics you can use to impress someone special in your life!

The magic of using song lyrics to learn Spanish is that once you listen enough times, you’ll find yourself naturally singing along (out loud or just in your head!).

Spanish Mix makes it easy to follow along with the lyrics in both Spanish and English, as well as give you an understanding of the context with the music video. 📺

So here we go, next time you’re on a date, keep these in your back pocket. You never know when they may come in useful!

Espérame - Los Amigos Invisibles

How would you like to build the perfect partner? That’s what happens in this music video… If you think your other half is already perfect then make sure you pay attention to the lyrics.

Click on the Spanish lyrics below to watch the entire story unfold.

💬 Lyrics:

Espérame para estar solos

Wait for me to be alone

Que quiero sentir

I want to feel

Para sumergir mi alma en tu cuerpo

To immerse my soul into your body

Cuando te vi bailando en la pista

When I saw you dancing in the dance floor

Me enamoré a primera vista

I fell in love at first sight

Luna de Miel - Virus

Back to 1985 now with this classic by Argentinian band Virus. Feel the edgy new wave vibes along with very simple lyrics, which are easy enough to follow.

If you’re still in the luna de miel (honeymoon) period of your relationship then these Spanish lyrics are perfect for you. Especially as you’ll learn Spanish words such as tuyo (yours), perfecto (perfect) and hermoso (beautiful).

💬 Lyrics:

Perfecto, hermoso

Perfect, beautiful

Veloz, luminoso

Fast, bright

Caramelos de miel entre tus manos

Honey candies between your hands

Te prometo una cita ideal

I promise you an ideal date

Yo No Sé - Los Amigos Invisibles

Picture the scene, you’ve been dating for a while and you want to move things to the next level. What could be better than these Spanish lyrics from Los Amigos Invisibles?!

Start off with no puedo estar sin ti (I can’t be without you) and see where that leads to! 😘

💬 Lyrics:

No puedo estar sin ti

I can't be without you

Será que hay algo entre los dos

Maybe there is something between us

Que nos acerca más

That brings us closer

Que nos hace vibrar de amor

And it makes us vibrate of love

Suerte - Shakira

No list of Spanish love lyrics would be complete without Shakira! You may remember this song from the English version - Whenever, Wherever which was a huge hit in 2001.

📚 Fun Fact:
Shakira has eight older half-siblings!

Add a little latin passion to your relationship with these great Spanish lyrics!

💬 Lyrics:

Sabes que estoy a tus pies

You know I'm at your feet

Contigo, mi vida, quiero vivir la vida

With you, my life, I want to live life

Y lo que me queda de vida, quiero vivir contigo

And for the rest of my life, I want to live with you

Me Quedaré Solo - Amistades Peligrosas

Now for a slight mood change… Just in case all these love song lyrics got you feeling a bit nauseous!! 🤮

If things aren’t working out as expected, then these Spanish lyrics may come in handy. 💔

💬 Lyrics:

Me quedaré solo

I'll be left alone

Sabes bien, tal vez

You know well, maybe

No pueda cambiar

I can't change

No vaya a cambiar jamás

I will never change

Caer bien o mal

Fall right or wrong

Se acerca el final

The end is near

There we have it, now you’re equipped with the Spanish you need to impress your next date - or break up with someone!!

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