Interesting Spanish song lyrics

12 most interesting Spanish song lyrics

Learn interesting facts with this selection of great Spanish lyrics that will spark your curiosity.

When you get bored, you stop paying attention. This is especially true when learning Spanish if you only focus on the grammar rules and textbooks.

What you need are these 12 fascinating Spanish lyrics that will keep you curious, engaged and involved.

Click on the lyrics below to check out the entire song, complete with Spanish lyrics and English translations.

High - Rawayana feat. Apache

In these lyrics, Rawayana invites you to widen your horizons and to open your mind by getting to know two of the greatest artists of all time.

Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and reggae legend Bob Marley.

💬 Lyrics:

Y pégate en trip

And stick to the trip

Como en el arte lo hacía Dalí

Like in the art Dalí made

No hay prejuicios aquí, no

There are no prejudices here, no

Robert Nesta Marley te lo decía así

Robert Nesta Marley told you so

Music 🎵 and art 🎨 go hand to hand. Admiring some of Dalí’s paintings while listening to Spanish lyrics is a great combination!

📚 Fun Facts:
Salvador Dalí was known for his eccentric mustache and Bob Marley for his dreadlocks.

Robarte un Beso - Carlos Vives feat. Sebastian Yatra

Have you ever felt mariposas en el estómago (butterflies in the stomach)?

This phenomenon is caused by a rush of adrenalin which restricts blood flow in the gut – Check out these Spanish lyrics by Carlos Vives in Robarte un Beso.

💬 Lyrics:

Sé que sientes mariposas

I know you feel butterflies

Yo también sentí sus alas

I also felt their wings

Now you’ve learned some science as well as the Spanish words la mariposa (butterfly) and los alas (wings). 🦋

Suerte - Shakira

There are times when you feel like you could do anything for that special someone.

Shakira takes this to the extreme in her Spanish lyrics for Suerte!! ⛰️

💬 Lyrics:

Yo puedo escalar los Andes solo

I can climb the Andes just

Por ir a contar tus lunares

To go count your moles

La Vuelta al Mundo - Calle 13

Have you ever felt like you want to go explore the world instead of working at an office?

If so, then you need to listen to the Spanish lyrics in Calle 13’s song La Vuelta al Mundo, where they invite you to grab your backpack and go explore the world. ✈️

💬 Lyrics:

La renta, el sueldo

The income, the salary

El trabajo en la oficina

The work in the office

Lo cambié por las estrellas

I exchanged it for the stars

Me escape de la rutina

I escaped from the routine

Para pilotear mi viaje

To pilot my journey

Rubia Sol Morena Luna - Caramelos de Cianuro

The Spanish lyrics in this song by Caramelos de Cianuro are a cautionary tale about infidelity.

Check out the lyrics below which portray two women, one rubia sol (sun blonde) and the other morena luna (moon brunette). One of them good 😇, the other bad 😈 - but the singer can’t choose between them!

💬 Lyrics:

Una toma Prozac como Tic-Tac

One takes Prozac like Tic-Tacs

Los pasa con Coñac y con Balzac

She takes them with Cognac and with Balzac

La otra le gusta Arjona y Coelho

The other likes Arjona and Coelho

Juega con su pelo quiere ser modelo

She plays with her hair and wants to be a model

Si uno es soledad y dos son compañía

If one means solitude and two means company

Tres es como jugar a los espías

Three is like playing spies

Mentiras - Los Amigos Invisibles

Sometimes, trying to understand your other half can be difficult! In these Spanish lyrics, Los Amigos Invisibles talk about trying to understand women by reading books. 🤷

I think this guy needs more than a book!!

💬 Lyrics:

Y yo tranquilo en mi casa

And I'm calm in my house

Leyendome unos libros para poder comprender

Reading some books to be able to understand

Cómo debo tratarte y entenderte mujer

How I should treat you and understand you woman

You will also learn some very useful verbs like leyendo (reading), tratar (to treat) and entender (to understand).

Bastará - Los Cafres

Are you ready for some more science?! Maybe you’re familiar with the water cycle - water evaporates, forms into clouds and then falls back down to earth as rain. 🌧️

Well now you can learn it in Spanish, using these Spanish lyrics from the song Bastará.

💬 Lyrics:

Yo me transformo en agua

I transform into water

Sólo por subir al cielo y volver

Just to go up to the sky and come back

A caer en tus ojos

To fall in your eyes

Now you know how to explain the water cycle with words like transformar (to transform), subir (to come up), and caer (to fall).

💡 Top Tip:
Pick a topic you're interested and search the web for it using the Spanish terms. For example, search "ciclo del agua".

Internacionales - Bomba Estéreo

This song celebrates multiculturalism and the fact that we all have different roots.

Click on the Spanish lyrics below to listen to the full song. 🎵

💬 Lyrics:

Mezclados, somos mezclados

Mixed, we're mixed

La misma historia con otro sabor

The same history with another flavor

Venimos de todos lados

We come from everywhere

Con baile, ritmo y mucho color

With dance, rhythm and lots of color

Despiértate - Helena Cros

Had enough of someone? These are the perfect Spanish lyrics for you!

Helena Cros doesn’t mince her words, especially when she says ya no vuelvas mas (don’t come back anymore)! 😢

💬 Lyrics:

Oye! Que estás haciendo? No te comprendo

Hey! What are you doing? I don't understand you

Vete! Que estoy sufriendo

Go away! I'm suffering

Ya no vuelvas mas

Don't come back anymore

Eres Para Mí - Julieta Venegas

Take a look at these Spanish lyrics in Eres Para Mí.

I think the singer may have a few imaginary firends!! Especially as she says me lo ha dicho el viento (the wind has told me) and lo oigo todo el tiempo (I hear it all the time).

💬 Lyrics:

Eres para mí, me lo ha dicho el viento

You're for me, the wind has told me

Eres para mí, lo oigo todo el tiempo

You're for me, I hear it all the time

Eres para mí, me lo ha dicho el viento

You're for me, the wind has told me

At least after listening to this song you’ll be able to say eres para mí (you’re for me) to that special someone!

Bailando Solo - Los Bunkers

Click on the Spanish lyrics below to see the drama unfold in this tale of childhood sweethearts. ❤️

💬 Lyrics:

Ahora que estás aquí en medio de la soledad

Now that you're here in the middle of loneliness

Bailando solo en la oscuridad

Dancing alone in the dark

Te vas a acostumbrar

You're going to get used

A ver toda la vida pasar

To seeing all life pass by

Igual que una promesa al anochecer

Like a promise at nightfall

Morir Tres Veces - Moenia

The last in our list of 12 most interesting Spanish song lyrics comes from Morir Tres Veces by Moenia.

💬 Lyrics:

Que ya no quieres ni una noche más

That you no longer want one more night

Que esta novela ya llegó al final

That this novel already came to an end

Very fitting, given that our time together llegó al final (came to an end).

💡 Top Tip:
Pick your favourite Spanish song lyrics from the list above. Listen a few times, then write out the lyrics by hand. ✏️ This will help the vocabulary make its way into your long term memory.

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