Spanish songs with simple lyrics

5 songs with simple lyrics for learning Spanish

If you're a beginner looking for Spanish songs which have simple lyrics which will help you learn, then look no further.

This is a list of 5 songs which will help you get into the habit of immersing yourself in Spanish music. 🎵

These songs have been specially selected as they have lyrics which are easy to follow and have a lot of repetition.

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Depende - Jarabe de Palo

Depende - Jarabe de Palo Spanish and English lyrics

Time to get deep and meaningful with this very poetic song by Spanish band Jarabe de Palo. Life is what you make it, it all depende (depends) on your perspective!

💬 Lyrics:

Depende, ¿de qué depende?

Depends, depends on what?

De según cómo se mire, todo depende

Depending on how you look at it, it all depends

And just in cases you missed it, you'll hear the word depende repeated throughout this song! 😉

No Tengo Tiempo - Azul y Negro

No Tengo Tiempo - Azul y Negro Spanish and English lyrics

If you REALLY want to learn how to say you don’t have time in Spanish, then this is the song for you! No tengo tempo is repeated 22 times in this 80s synth song by Spanish band Azul y Negro.

The lyrics are baisically a huge long list of things they don’t have time for, from no time to think (pensar) to no time to understand (entender)

📚 Fun Fact:
Even Azul y Negro's website is a blast from the past!

Luna de Miel - Virus

Luna de Miel - Virus Spanish and English lyrics

With its very short and punchy lines, Luna de Miel (honeymoon) by Argentinian band Virus has very simple lyrics which are easy to follow.

You’ll learn a range of vocabulary, from el cuerpo (body) to volando (flying) and of course you’re bound to remember how to say luna de miel (honeymoon) .

The band Virus is known for its new wave style, this music video is a throwback!

Yo No Sé - Los Amigos Invisibles

Yo No Sé - Los Amigos Invisibles Spanish and English lyrics

Los Amigos Invisibales have some great songs, not least Yo No Sé. Even though this song moves quite quick, it’s easy to follow along with the lyrics.

Yo no se is full of short words which are used in everyday Spanish, examples are que (what), o (or), en (on), tu (your), ti (you), and of course yo no sé (I don’t know).

El Amor - Tito el Bambino

El Amor - Tito el Bambino Spanish and English lyrics

El amor by Tito el Bambino has very clear lyrics and moves at a pace which is easy to follow.

This was a huge hit in 2009 in both the US and Latin America. You’ll find yourself listening to this song’s catch melody again and again.

📚 Fun Fact:
Did you know that Bambino means kid in Italian? So that’s Tito the Kid in English

If you’ve ever been lost for words when sharing your feelings, worry not! you can now borrow Tito’s words! ❤️

💬 Lyrics:

El amor es una magia

Love is a magic

Una simple fantasía

A simple fantasy

Es como un sueño

It’s like a dream

These were 5 Spanish songs with simle lyrics for you to start your journey of learning Spanish with music.

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