4 bands To learn Spanish

4 bands that will teach you Spanish

One of these bands, if not all 4 could soon become your new favourite!

Music by these 4 Spanish bands has stood the test of time and they continue to fill concert halls whenever they perform.

Their songs are memorable and invoke strong emotions with listeners. Not only that, but these 4 bands also have songs that are perfect to teach you Spanish!

In no time you’ll also hopefully become a huge fan and will have all your friends listening to their music and singing along with you! 🎤

If you’ve already been through the Top 10 Songs to Learn Spanish and are looking for more songs to keep on learning, then you’re in the right place!

Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles Spanish and English lyrics

Let’s get your groove on and get ready to hit the dancefloor with Venezuelan favorites, Los Amigos Invisibles.

📚 Fun Fact:
The band has played in over 60 countries during their almost 30 year career. Now that’s what I call impressive!

Here are 4 songs which will get you hooked - and teach you some Spanish along the way!

- Song 1: Cuchi Cuchi

Let’s kick off with a fun one. Sing along and learn a lot of useful Spanish verbs like contar (to tell), saber (to know), and morirse por (to die for).

- Song 2: Mentiras

The infectious chorus of this song goes like this: esas son puras mentiras (those are just lies). So when someone accuses you of doing something, you already know how to answer!!

- Song 3: Espérame

Continuing with some of Los Amigos Invisibles’ greatest hits, we have Espérame (wait for me). This is the perfect time to learn some Spanish past tense verb conjugations like enamoré (I fell in love), te despertaste (you woke up), and giramos (we turned).

- Song 4: Yo No Sé

Finally, chill out with the great vibes in this song. If you don’t know, just reply “yo no sé”. 😎


Moenia Spanish and English lyrics

Now it’s the turn of Mexico’s synth-pop and electronic music pioneers Moenia. Throughout their career, Moenia have been leading the electronic music scene - not only in Mexico but in all of Latin America.

Best of all their lyrics are a great opportunity to add to your Spanish vocabulary.

📚 Fun Fact:
Back in 1985, the band called themselves 5Mentarios, which is a pun for "no comments" in Spanish, (sin comentarios - cinco-mentarios), get it?! 😛

Here are 2 excellent songs for learning Spanish from Moenia.

- Song 1: En Qué Momento?

Ready to learn how to ask some everyday questions? You’ll learn how to ask ¿En qué momento pasó? (at what time did it happen?) and ¿Cómo fue? (How was it?) while dancing to Moenia’s addictive beats!

💬 Lyrics:

¿En qué momento pasó? ¿Cómo fue?

At what time did it happen? How was it?

No quise alejarte

I didn't want to keep you away

- Song 2: Morir Tres Veces

There’s always a hint of melancholy in Moenia’s songs, and Morir Tres Veces is no exception.

It’s time to learn more useful Spanish vocabulary like la noche (night), la tarde (afternoon), and la oportunidad (opportunity).

Caramelos de Cianuro

Caramelos de Cianuro Spanish and English lyrics

Now it’s time for Venezuela’s most irreverent band to take the stage - let’s turn it up to eleven and get ready to rock!

Caramelos’ music is fast-paced, but luckily the lead singer, Asier Cazalis has very clear pronunciation so you won’t have any problems following along.

Did you Know:
Caramelos de Cianuro translates to Cyanide Candy - as in Cyanide, the deadly poison!! ☠️

📚 Fun Fact:
Although the band’s lead singer Asier was born in Venezuela, he spent his childhood and teenage years living in Denver and Pennsylvania, USA.

Here are 3 songs with great Spanish lyrics from Caramelos de Cianuro.

- Song 1: Verónica

2020 called and it wants it’s quarentie back! Just kidding… Believe it or not, although Verónica starts with Llevo más de cuatro días en la casa sin salir (I’ve been in the house for more than four days without leaving) it’s not a song about self isolation.

- Song 2: Las Estrellas

Keep increasing your Spanish vocabulary by learning words like las sorpresas (surprises), los consejos (advice), el cielo (sky), and of course, las estrellas (stars). ⭐

- Song 3: Rubia Sol Morena Luna

With this song, you’ll learn Spanish words about expressing your mood and your feelings like la soledad (solitude), la tragedia (tragedy), or el mentiroso (liar).

Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba Spanish and English lyrics

“Los tacubos” are one of the most original bands on the music scene. Their mix of rock music with Mexican folklore and different regional genres are sure to broaden your horizons!

📚 Fun Fact:
Lead singer Rubén Albarrán has had some weird and funny alter-egos like Anónimo (Anonymous) and Nrü – try pronouncing that! 🙈
Luckily, he just likes to be called Rubén these days.

Enjoy learning Spanish with these 5 songs by Café Tacvba.

- Song 1: Olita del Altamar

With a name like Olita del Altamar (Little Wave of the High Seas) you just know this song is going to have some interesting lyrics! 🌊

The video was recorded in Peru, check out the amazing landscapes. Inspiring!

- Song 2: Volver a Comenzar

Now that you’re well on your way to being fluent in Spanish you don’t have to volver a comenzar (start again). Expand your vocabulary with words like el viaje (trip), el agua (water), and la tentación (temptation).

- Song 3: Futuro

Everyone likes thinking about the future every now and again, but it’s good to keep some perspective. Check out these Spanish lyrics.

💬 Lyrics:

Tú mañana ya te fuiste

Tomorrow you're already gone

Pero antes me dijiste

But you told me before

Que el futuro es hoy

That the future is today

- Song 4: Un Par de Lugares

You may have already listened to this song from our post on the top 10 songs to learn Spanish. But it’s so good that we decided to include it here too!

Besides, it’s never a bad time to go over times of the day in Spanish, la mañana (morning), el mediodía (midday), la tarde (afternoon), and la noche (night).

- Song 5: Las Flores

Last but not least, we have a blast from the past with Las Flores (The Flowers). Although the song is called Las Flores you will learn some body parts like el oído (ear), las manos (hands) and los ojos (eyes).

And that’s a wrap for today. You now have an introduction to the best 4 bands that will teach you Spanish.

Also, don’t stop there. Keep exploring Spanish Mix to discover more amazing Spanish songs to continue your language learning journey.